About Elite Luxury Services


Allow Elite Luxury Services to bring your dreams to life.

Whether it be taking a drive in one of our many cutting edge luxurious vehicles or cruising into the sunset on one of our lavish state-of-the-art yachts. Is a magnificent ultra-chic mansion on the ocean what you‘re looking for, or is an elegant penthouse in the sky more your taste? We have something to satisfy everyone‘s individual desire.

Elite Luxury Services has been surpassing our clients‘ expectations since 2001; and continues to out do itself every year. It started as an exotic car rental with only a hand full of vehicles and has quickly grown into one of the largest Concierge Service Companies in all of Southeast Florida. It offers custom exotic vehicles from all around the world, yachts that are considered a work of art, Mansions that can‘t be described in words, and just a way of life that was once only a dream.

Let us make it a reality!