It’s the car that you've always wanted to buy. The last time you needed a new car, you thought that maybe this was the time. Maybe you even took one for a test drive, but somehow you ended up with something simple, generic, boring. What stopped you? Now, that you have an opportunity for luxury sports car rental in Miami, don’t make the same mistake. It is the time to get behind the wheel of one of the finest German sports cars ever produced, the BMW M6.


Long the standard for luxury applied to sheer pure performance, the M6 looks and sounds like the type of car for which roads were designed. If ever there was a city and a lifestyle that demanded such perfection from a car, Miami would be it. The perfect cosmopolitan combination of roads to take you anywhere and everywhere plus a nightlife of trendy clubs and four star restaurants where everybody wants to be to be seen, this is a car that matches every demand of the city stride for stride. You can’t go back in time and buy the car you should have, but you can have one heck of a great time today with the exotic sports car rental of the BMW M6 from Elite Luxury Services.

$599 Daily
Please call us at: 1-305-285-2411 for latest pricing and availability.
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.
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