Ferrari 458 Spyder
Ferrari 458 Spyder

In a city like Miami, only the best will do, and that goes for the car you rent while you are there. If ever there was a perfect marriage between a city and an automobile, it would be the pairing of a vibrant cosmopolitan city like Miami and the timeless beauty and cutting edge technology of a Ferrari 458 Spyder. Thanks to the professionals at Elite Luxury Services, this experience can be yours the next time you visit South Florida.

The first production car to feature a mid-rear engine and a retractable hard top, the 458 Spyder will take your breath away the moment you see it and leave you breathless when you feel the 570 horses come to life. Built on the years of tradition and high end production, with design elements taken directly from their single seat racing cars, it is able to get you to highway speeds in the blink of an eye, perfect for negotiating your way through traffic while headed to your business meeting or just for taking off down the open road while you are on vacation. With its classic style and dream-worthy beauty, it is also the perfect car to be seen getting out of when pulling up to the restaurants and night clubs that make Miami world famous.

You have plenty of time to drive a “typical” car, but the opportunity to drive such a legendary automobile like a Ferrari 458 Spyder only comes along once in a while. Don’t let it slip away. Contact Elite Luxury Services and arrange your rental today so you can feel the experience of driving the car you have always dreamt about.

$1699 Daily
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