Mercedes Benz SL 550
Mercedes Benz SL 550

There is no substitute for the luxury that comes with every Mercedes Benz from Elite Luxury Services. However, sometimes you feel the need for more. You want a taste of ultra high-performance in your luxury car rental.  When you slip into the driver's seat of the Mercedes Benz SL550, you will feel the power at your disposal. With precision handling, cutting edge European styling and the Mercedes Benz reputation, the SL550 epitomizes the finest automobiles available today.


The interior is exactly what you have come to expect from the superior auto maker, Mercedes Benz, with the finest leathers available complimented by natural authentic hard woods. The controls and entertainment displays are tight and stylish, creating a cockpit that is more other-worldly than terrestrial. It is when you turn over the engine, slide it into gear, and feel the power beneath you, that you realize this isn’t just going to be another leisurely drive through the South Florida countryside. Available through Elite Luxury Services, the Mercedes Benz SL550 has the power that you crave and the luxury you demand. Loaded with many of the safety features pioneered over the last few years by Mercedes Benz, the SL550 is sexy, sleek and safe! Contact Elite Luxury Services to arrange for a Mercedes Benz SL550 for your next visit to Miami.

$449 Daily
Please call us at: 1-305-285-2411 for latest pricing and availability.
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.
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