Rolls Royce Wraith
Rolls Royce Wraith

When we find something we love, we want to stick with it. The last few times that you had the opportunity to do so, you have worked with Elite Luxury Services to rent a Rolls Royce Sedan, maybe a Phantom or a Ghost, to transport your clients to business meetings and conventions in style. Now you’re on a vacation in Miami, however, and you want the same luxury and comfort that comes from such a classic car, but something smaller and sportier so you can truly enjoy all the roads of South Florida. Introducing the Rolls Royce Wraith.


The Wraith is everything that you come to expect from Rolls Royce combined with all that you hoped would be possible. Much like its bigger brothers, it has a V-12 engine, but since this automobile is built for high performance as much as pleasure, the power has been increased and the speed has been improved, making it the perfect coupe for adrenaline filled afternoons exploring the back roads of South Florida. The engineers and designers at the auto maker know that comfort isn’t only about the driver's cockpit. They made sure not to sacrifice too much of the larger sedan's style and handling to the sports car performance God. With smooth, effortless handling and finely tuned suspension, it is every bit as luxurious as any automobile that bears the Rolls Royce legendary name.


Just because the needs in your life may be different at times, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice what is important to you. Don’t succumb to the average car rentals of South Florida because you desire a smaller car. Let Elite Luxury Services introduce you to the Rolls Royce Wraith.

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  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.
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