Mercedes Benz G550
Mercedes Benz G550

There is more to comfort than the fine leather upholstery or the rare hardwood that makes up the trim. Sometimes, the best comfort that a person can feel is from peace of mind. That can often be a hard thing to achieve, especially when you traveling to a big city for the first time and are unsure of how to get around. Elite Luxury Services can help you find that peace of mind by putting you in a Mercedes Benz G550 when you come to visit the Magic City of Miami.


Part of that peace of mind will come from renting an automobile that you know will perform when it has to. With a high powered engine that is paired with a sports, high performance suspension and handling package, the Mercedes Benz G550 will respond on demand, safely getting you up to highway speeds in a matter of seconds. Just as importantly is how quickly the anti-lock brakes and other safety devices will help you in case of a sudden need to react to the conditions around you. With an elevated cockpit featured in the design of the S.U.V., the G550 can handle virtually any terrain in the world and offers a clear view of the traffic that surrounds you


Another aspect of that desired peace of mind comes from the comfort of the vehicle itself. From fully adjustable seats, dual control climate zones to hands free electronics that let you vocally control the entire entertainment system, the Mercedes Benz G550 offers a level of luxury that cannot be matched by any other vehicle in its class. When you come to Miami, don’t take your chances with whatever results you find looking up average, every day car rentals in South Florida. Contact the professionals at Elite Luxury Services. Every step of the way they will put you at ease and guarantee you peace of mind.

$499 Daily
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