Porsche Panamera White
Porsche Panamera White

In 2009, Porsche set the automotive world on its heels when it rolled out the four door Porsche Panamera. Until this point, Porsche was synonymous with small and sexy.  At Elite Luxury Services, we carry several of the high-performance sedans designed by the German automaker to comfortably seat four, without skimping on power or performance. The sleek lines and sexy curves that have always been associated with Porsche are evident in the Panamera.  With its elongated styling, this five door luxury rental has ample space and comfort for a family outing or an impressive commute to a business meeting for you and three of your associates.


With race inspired performance, the Porsche Panamera has redefined what we expect from a sedan. Distinctive curves, and unmistakable Porsche power, this exotic rental car is sure to turn heads and impress even the boss. Offering the ultimate in luxury, the Porsche Panamera provides unexpected spaciousness and comfort, all the while maintaining the high-performance and power that has come to be expected from the one of the most prestigious and reputable automakers in the world. Contact Elite Luxury Services for details on how you can be the talk of the town with a luxury rental car that is our of the ordinary...the Porsche Panamera!

$399 Daily
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